Pack, clean eat repeat

Its been a busy week packing up our house in Plymouth and cleaning it head to toe for our tenants to move into. Then driving up to Derby to stay with our parents while we work on the van. As I drove it for its MOT noticed it was really struggling to get to speed, it initially failed its MOT and gave us a small heart attack but thankfully £16 worth of pipe later all was fixed! We then cleaned the van head to toe inside and out and packed lots of things into tiny spaces. We were slightly set back in our rushed time scale when we left the hose pipe going to fill the water tank and it leaked out all over the floor and soaked the contents of everything on the floor. Had to drag everything out and stick on radiators, while we were doing this it was pouring with rain and the mattress in the van got soaked while we had the doors open. #vanlife

Graham also had his first experience driving scooby. I wasn’t sacred at all!!

As well as getting the van sorted I also got myself travel ready with a drastic hair cut. I’ve been growing it for a year so I could donate to #littleprincesstrust feels so free to have short hair.

The hardest part of the week was saying goodbye to the family. Gran made us a wonderful vegan campervan cake to say Bon Voyage. Check out Grahams beard!


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