Holland it’s just like Norfolk

If you’re a fan of Norfolk and particularly Norfolk’s nature I would suggest trying a holiday in Holland! Its just as flat, there’s lots of water ways for boating – just like the broads, lots of nice churches, the beer is good (though probs not as good as Norfolk), lovely thatched houses (though Dutch houses are way more pointy for some reason), and there’s even more windmills (everywhere you look), we even saw a thatched windmill (all the sides were covered in thatch)!  

We explored the Schoorl dunes, which was incredible. Think far end of Holkham but three times as big. The difference between Norfolk and Holland is that the Dutch are mad keen on cycling, there was even a cycle track through the sand dunes. So we spent a very nice warm and sunny afternoon cycling through the dunes from Camperduin to Bergen ann Zee.

That evening we parked up behind the sea wall (very Norfolk) and sat overlooking a small lake full of terns, gulls, cormorants, oyster catchers and red shank and saw a great white egret flying over! (couldn’t get more Norfolky). The next morning my personal #vanlife highlight so far was being able to have my breakfast and a cuppa in my dressing gown while birdwatching from the van.

Our other nature experience in Holland was visiting the Veluwezoom national park (think South Norfolk Thetford way). Small gently rolling heathland with pine forests. Was very nice to spend an afternoon walking around and made a nice change from the less undulating ground.


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