Goddag from Denmark

All in all a beautiful country, and ended up stopping 2 days longer than planned, but driving from a to b is the most boring driving we have ever done; incredibly flat and straight, a lot of farmland and a speed limit of 80kph.

Our Denmark trip started on the coast of the Wadden sea its ‘the world’s largest unbroken intertidal mudflat system’. We got a beautiful spot in a small car park for two nights right on the waters edge, perfect for birdwatching. We visited Ribe which is Denmark’s oldest town and went for a walk on the flattest, widest and windiest beach, and watched a stunning sunset.

After two days of flat we already craved some hills so drove to an area to spend a day walking on undulating hills, in forests and around lakes. We visited Denmark’s second greatest peak Himmelbjerget which is a whopping 147m (just 23m short of being the tallest).

There are many islands around Denmark so we thought we should do some island hopping. We headed to Fur island because the description contained cliffs and fossil hunting. On arrival we picked up a map of the island and drove Scooby around the small dirt roads visiting the main attractions which were mainly burial grounds, gravel pits (diatomite used for cat litter!), beaches and fossil hunting. Found a lovely stop for the night at the end of the island on a spit, had the car park to ourselves, and watched a stunning sunset.

The next day we woke and had a relaxing morning yoga session in the sun and I cooled off with a swim in the clear but very cold Danish sea. It was such a lovely sunny day we decided to change our plan and just spend the day relaxing which was ideal! After 2 weeks of getting used to van life and the week before rushing around packing up our life and finishing work, having a day of doing absolutely nothing was very much needed. We spent the day lying down reading in the sun, had a bangin’ baguette for lunch (always the sign of a good day) and cycled half an hour into town to sample some local beer made on the island. That evening we relaxed with some wobble boarding and club juggling. A perfect day!

The yoga and swim session was so good I had to repeat it again the next day, then reluctantly leave the island. We then drove to our next island, the island of Funen and visited the main city of Odense. Nice for an afternoon wander. It’s the birth place of H.C. Andersen so there’s lots of sculptures around the city of his stories including this one of The Emperor’s New Clothes.  

The following day was my favourite so far. For Christmas Oli, Icky and Becca brought us an inflatable kayak “the explorerK2” which we took on its maiden voyage. The morning was initially a little stressful as we realised we had left the middle connecting piece of one of the paddles in Derby.   Thankfully we were staying on a campsite that day and the guy who ran it was a legend! – I went to ask him if he knew somewhere we could rent or even buy a paddle he told me ‘don’t be so negative I’m sure I can fix it’ he took the one piece we had and half hour later came back with a new piece he had cut from steel rod, drilled some holes in and found perfect sized screws. Problem solved. Genius!

We got on the K2 around lunch. Initially the idea for our first trip was to take it easy and just have a couple of hours messing around on the water. Ended up doing an 8.5 mile round trip of a nearby island. It was s gorgeous sunny day, the sea was largely very flat and the water crystal clear. A wonderfully knackering day.

Easter Sunday was a lazy one. Mum had packed us some vegan Easter eggs so the morning was largely spent relaxing eating chocolate. We then drove over to the island of Zealand and went to visit a Viking fortress (felt it rude not to do something vikingy). We spent the evening parked up by Lake Tystrup and walked through the woods and along the lake.

Easter Monday was spent in Copenhagen but that’s going to need a whole other blog!


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